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I Can Now Eat Pizza and Chocolate

“I don’t know how I lived all those other years, there’s no more acid reflux, I can eat what ever I want to, I don’t care when it is, what time of day it is, there is no more pain, I’m not doubling over in pain, I am not pacing the floor at night because my stomach hurtin’, so my life has totally changed, it’s like a new person, its like I’ve been transformed. Its pretty cool.”

CathyActual TIF Patient
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Easy To Manage Sleep

“The pleasant surprise since the (TIF) procedure… I haven’t touched my PPIs, in fact I have started giving them away, it’s really been easy to manage sleep. Exercising has been incredible, I’ve been able to swim, bike or run…I’ve absolutely recommended it (the TIF procedure), I have recommended it to good friends, and absolutely has been a good experience for me.”

RyanActual TIF Patient
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It Worked For Me!

“I decided to have the TIF procedure because it gave me an option to get off the drugs, and away from the medication that I have lived with so many years, and to have a normal life, and to be able to do all the things and not to have to think about anything that went in my mouth, and making sure I had that medication… I wanted to be able to tell people that It worked for me and it was relatively simple and painless, and if it would encourage somebody else to take that step to find more information, I want to be able to help them do that.”

CindyActual TIF Patient
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I Highly Recommend The TIF Procedure

“After the procedure, my life changed dramatically professionally and at home. I don’t have to think about acid reflux any longer. I highly recommend the TIF procedure; I’ve never dreamed I wake up one day without having to think about acid reflux. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.”

LawrenceActual TIF Patient
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